Top 3 Open Fields in Washington State

One of the top questions that my clients always asks me when determining a location for their photoshoots is, "Do you know any locations with a lot of open space and tall grass?". To that I answer, of course! Now, if you are just starting your photography business or preparing to do a style shoot in the beautiful Washington state, you probably haven't been able to do any location scouting or research just yet. But, trust me! The best way to find these places is to do research, or just go location scouting. I've done many location scouting just so I can be prepared and ready to give my clients the best locations for all of their photo sessions.

Today, I'm going to give a lot of my Washington State clients and photographers great locations to use in their next photoshoot session.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is one of my favorite locations to do photoshoots. If you ask me for a location suggestion, I will always recommend this place. This park is one of Seattle's largest city park that overlooks the Puget Sound. It's spacious and their are various beautiful sceneries to make your images a story of its own. The parking there isn't the greatest (like most areas of Seattle), but if you are in need of a sunset photoshoot, this is the spot for that.

One of the biggest reasons why I always recommend this park to my clients is due to the wide open grass fields. This field allows couples to roam around and embrace one another, while feeling like I'm not present. As someone who enjoys taking many candid images, this is a great location to start.

Wellington Hills Park

One of the most popular spots for family photos and for couple photos in Woodinville, WA. Not too far from the Seattle, but still away

from the busy city. Although this location is popular with other photographers, there is still plenty of space for you to do your own sessions. There are also beautiful tall pine trees and if you are into sunset photos, this location is great for that.

Parking isn't the best, but it's free.

Three Forks Off-Leash Dog Park

Do not let the name of this location deceive you. This location is about 1-2 minutes walk from the dog park and it's a breathtaking open field of tall grasses with an astonishing view of Mount Si. It's a bit farther out from Seattle, but if you're looking for a location with tall grass and with a mountain view, then this location is the one for you.

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