Beginning of Summer in Washington State

In the start of summer we begin to see these beautiful wildflowers called lupine. Whether you are looking for a location as a photographer, an instagrammer, or as a tourist, Van Lierop Park is one of the locations to visit in the beginning of summer. Van Lierop Park is located in a city called Puyallup. This location is accessible and less busy compared to other locations. There are benches around the paved path, so you can take a break and enjoy the view of the lupines. Parking is available in a small paved parking lot. You can walk, jog, and ride your bikes if you want at this location. This is a great location to visit if you are out of town or in town.

My family and I decided to visit this location in search of flower field for a client. Once we got there, I fell in love. My daughter and I love the outdoors, so when we saw this field of lupines it was astonishing to us. My husband and I allowed my daughter to run around the paved path and we followed along with her. We stopped here and there to take some photos and soon an hour went by. If want to find a field of wildflowers for you clients, Van Lierop Park is one to visit and tell.

Here are some of the photos we got on our adventure there! Enjoy!